Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Places we have stayed

he he he!

Daylesford - Queen's Birthday

So the Queen was another year older and we didn't get her a present, however she was kind enough not to hold a grudge and gave everyone the Monday off.

Both Andy and I were tired from work and a long weekend away was looking very attractive. Daylesford was highly recommended, especially as it was fairly close (1 hour 30 mins in the car) and was a spa town (so set up for relaxation).

I completed all my marking from a week of exams, Andy finished up his meetings for Friday and we headed off over the West Gate Bridge... and then we stopped in traffic! 30 mins later and we were over the bridge and on our way.

It was dark and cold when we arrived, however the B&B was welcoming and well heated (electric blankets - heaven). Our room was lovely but we didn't stay long as it was getting late and we were hungry. The Farmer's Arms was our dinner spot, cider, beer, and a pub cooked meal was most welcome after a long drive.

The next morning after breakfast (one full English and one blueberry pancakes - nom nom) we were ready to explore Daylesford by foot, starting off with the town (and shops), then the mill (antique/jumble sale) and then the lake. Then it was time for cake.

Dinner was at Beer and Breakfast (which is an odd sentence to write) however after getting up the staircase (spiral and rickety) the food and drink was delicious (but it was cold that night and the fire was downstairs).

Sunday (breakfast - one smoked salmon and scrambled eggs, one blueberry pancakes) was a car day. After a slow start we drove to the chocolate mill (real chocolate, even Andy enjoyed this), then through beautiful countryside to the lavender gardens.

The lavender gardens were a bit out of season, so not much lavender, however it was very pretty and we played boules. Andy may have won but I was awarded player of the match!

After visiting the blow hole we spent the afternoon watching quite possibly the worst movie ever (in Andy's eyes) - Battlefield Earth. John Travolta;what were you thinking?

Lunch and Dinner were both in Hepburn Springs, Rubens for a pizza lunch (yum yum) and Cosy Corner for an excellent dinner (the cod was amazing).

Monday (blueberry pancakes and full English) was a gentle drive back to reality and home, stopping for sourdough bread.

p.s The new replacement frisbee was taken all around Daylesford but no Stacey safe frisbee zones were located (especially as there was a lake).

Great Ocean Road - Sunny Days

We did have some sunny days...

Look... sunglasses (and the apostles).

Sunday, 29 May 2011

The view from up here...

... was not always shared by me. Andy was sent up several tall structures on this trip.

He climbed the steps of the lighhouse.

I am that blob down at the base of the lighthouse (getting chilly).

We climbed the treetop adventure. I went up some of the way.

But Andy went alone up the spiral staircase, whilst I held firmly onto the handrail and concentrated on the map and planned the shortest route back down.

Still on the road

On the great ocean road:

There were Lighthouse cottages, where ghost stories were told and messages are given in morse code.

The lighthouse itself, was also there.

We saw our 2nd native Australian wildlife - Koalas, the best way to sopt them is to look for parked cars and tourists with cameras pointing into trees.

The road was quite twisty by this point!

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Great Ocean Road - Lorne

More piccies:

When arriving in Lorne, I took the rainbow to be a good sign, not a sign that it was raining! (and it was good, as I needed a book and the new Jasper Fforde book was out and the local bookshop had it).

First visit was to the Falls, largest in the local area, don'tcha know!

And here it is, very nice and quite damp (all around not just the waterfall) as we were in rainforest territory.

There were also some people climbing rocks etc... to get a better photo, I did not as I had seen the warning symbols, which scared the pants off me.

Great Ocean Road - Torquay

Here are some pictures:A picnic in Torquay, the sun came out and so did the surfers...
Some surfers were better than others, but as they say practise make perfect and so does falling in the water
This surfer seems unsure as to whether he really wants to go over the rocks into the cold water.From a distance I kept mistaking the surfers for seals.